3 Full Size Speedlite Kit with wireless remote Yongnuo YN560 IV +YN560TX Flash Controller

  • $469.99

What is better then one speedlite??? 3 Speedlites. Treat yourself to an enlightenment... Light (See what we did there) Anyhow, The kit comes with 3 Yongnuo speed lights and a wireless transmitter to make everything seamless and wireless (no cords to trip over). Why 3, why not, Use 1 for the fill light just forward and right of the subject, use the second as the catch light back and left of the subject for the inspiring lit up hairline in EVERY tv show and use the third either directly behind the subject to make a white wall VERY white. get that classic no background kind of photo you have always wanted. you're welcome.

Make sure you get a commercial pack of AA batteries, or rechargeable AA if you think you can keep track of all that.

Also beware this is not TTL compatible, but that does not mean it is not useful. We like to think of these as battery power studio lights that you can put in your back pack.