Continuous Lighting Studio Kit

  • $128.50

Holy mackerel this is a great starter kit! Why is it so great you may ask? Because it’s cheap, it’s compact/portable, and because you can build up from here or remove items to suit your needs. This is a complete studio in a bag albeit a basic studio, but a studio nonetheless. With included 135 W continuous daylight balanced studio lights you can shoot both video and photos. Choose your method of diffusion or reflection with the 4 included umbrellas. Why we like this kit so much is because it comes with all the stands you need for both the backdrop and your lights and don’t forget the four piece crossbar (you don’t need to use all four but you can if you need to go wide). And lastly you get a starter set of muslin backdrops in white, black, and chromakey green with clamps and a bag to fit all of it into.  This kit is very wysiwyg (pronounced wizzywig but stands for what you see is what you get) which is great for the budding or aspiring photographer.

Whats included:
2 - Single Head Lights with included 135W Continuous (daylight balanced) Light Bulbs
2 - White Umbrellas (for soft light like diffusion)
2 - Silver Black Umbrellas (reflective diffusion)
3 - Muslin backdrops Black, White and Green sized @ 5’3” x 9’10”
6 - Clamps
1 - Backdrop pole (4Pcs Cross Bar so its semi adjustable)
2 - Backdrop Stands (the bigger stands)
2 - Light Stands
1 - Carry Bag