About us

What we sell is Light but not just the physical products, it is our mission to provide helpful suggestions to budding and aspiring photographers as we have been in your spot before. There are a lot of people in the world who love to make beautiful images and lights can help but it is so often a dark area using artificial lights can be a scary proposition. Having a good place to start is where we come in.

We have been there, nervous or frustrated while learning how to bend the light to our will and get that shot. But it does not need to be that difficult.

Photography has been integral to finance one part of life or another for the better part of 20 years. Starting with an old set of Bowen lights we have learned a few things and are always continually trying new things, but having that base knowledge has always came in handy. We have gone through tons of bulbs and sync cords batteries and cameras, even retaining some of the old cameras used 5 MegaPixels...(Wow).

Our setup always started seemingly simple. It was 2 lights 2 umbrellas, backdrop and a camera, then you can go from there adding or subtracting to your heart's desire. But just having the equipment is not enough.
What do you set the camera at? We usually started with Manual, ISO 100,  Shutter 125, and Aperture of
f8.0. And the lights add more light or lessen it, well that is when you can chimp. In the old day somebody would grab a light meter and pop the flashes till everything was set, now you can check the back of the camera and the histogram.

Photography is a passion and lighting our images is a huge part of it.