Single Light Set up

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You know sometimes you just need a little bit of light to REALLY make that photo really pop.

You can make flash photography as complicated as you want. You can also make it as simple as you want. We choose simple, at least to start. Use it as a tool try not to overthink it. In this instance our suggestion is to use a simple light stand with a hot shoe bracket for speed light. Secondly you’re going to want a reflective umbrella to bounce back light. In other words you’re going to take a speed light and pointed to the umbrella and then point the umbrella to the subject that is going to create a much more spread of light.Lastly it’s not a necessity but it makes life so much easier is a set of wireless radio triggers. All the products suggested will be listed below. No for shooting no shoot will be exactly the same. But it’s nice to know you always have a place to start. Our suggestion again it started manual with an ISO of 100 F8 and a shutter speed of one 1/125. Now here’s are you going to want to play around a little. Take your speed light turn it on and take it off of full power(because that’s blinding and a waste of batteries). I would suggest bringing down the power three or four button pushes. See where that takes you take a photo check the lighting check your histogram remember you don’t want your histogram to Spike. I would do this all before your client is there that way you can get your lighting right so when your client comes in you post them properly and take a photo. Boom done, and now look who is the professional-ish person.

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