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When you NEED to get out and shoot on location for a client, friend or family in a studio setting, it can be a challenge to decide what to bring with you. How much light do you need? How many pictures are you planning on taking, whats the weather going to be like are you shooting indoor or outdoor.

Make the best of it .  Have the gear you need to make beautiful photos.

With photography nothing is really a simple straight forward choice. but we are going to do our best to point out some budget portable lighting systems.

We have put together a list of equipment to help make life easier when traveling and keep the gear to a minimum. Some times you just need to be light on your feet.

Our suggestion for such is kit is to make use of speed-lights (there are a ton of choices) but instead of mounting to the top of your camera via hot shoe it will be mounted on a light stand with an umbrella. Which brings us to our next point about what brand of lights to use, it does not particularly matter, but if you are on a super tight budget then you can get these (lajfdladskfj) and make them work. If you can spend more and be more specific you can always get lights that work with your brand of camera with the TTL (Through the Lens) function, and now you can have double the use of one piece of kit.

What we have here are these products available but they literally ship on the slow boat from china, make sure to order way ahead of time. this is how we get to keep our prices competitive and make the gear more affordable.

The Basics:
- 2 Speed lights
- 2 Light Stands
- 2 Hot Shoe mounting brackets
- 2 Remote wireless triggers (this is where the magic happens)
- 2 umbrellas (Fastest way to reflect light)
- 1 Bag
- 8 AA batteries minimum

- Sandbags (if your outside you don't need gear being thrown around)

Once you get get all the neccesarry equipment you can then begin to play around with all the setting and tool now at your disposal. Our suggestion is a good place to start with a your subject 4 feet from the background with your camera set to Manual with an ISO of 100 1/125th @ f8.0

As for the speed lights you will want to set them to 1/32 and go from there the closer to 1/1 the more powerful the light the closer to 1/125th the less power the lights will put out and the faster they will be ready for another shot.




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